Do you really know "My device" by H Band?

Do you really know "My device" by H Band?

Why is my smartwatch not receiving messages?

Why my smartwatch doesn't automatically monitor my heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and sleep.

Where can I set the private mode of blood pressure and blood sugar?

Why can't my smartwatch automatically receive information?

Smart watch where to set the alarm clock?

How do I change my watch face?


All of the above problems can be solved in this page. This page is mainly to set the functions of the smartwatch and adjust some information functions. For example, the sensitivity of the wrist bright screen, the length of the bright screen, and the replacement of the dial. This section allows you to easily master the smartwatch and use it more easily.

The alerts section contains a lot of software. You can select the software that you want the smartwatch to receive information from and click the button on the right to open it.

When you lift the watch and want to view the smartwatch, but it does not automatically light up the screen, then the function of turning the screen is not opened or the sensitivity of turning the wrist is relatively low. You can set it here. The APP is also very considerate, setting the time period that allows the wrist to turn and light the screen. That way it won't affect you even when you're resting or sleeping.

The "switch Settings" mainly allow certain functions to turn on automatic monitoring of the body's data. Private mode requires you to use precise instruments to detect a result and enter it here. In this way, the smartwatch data can be calibrated to reduce bias.

If you want to change the watch face or customize the watch face, here can help you achieve. You can replace the photo on your favorite watch face, you can also download more watch faces, they are free.

I hope this article can give you a further understanding of the operation of smart watches and apps. We will continue to update, to help everyone better use our products.

If you encounter problems in the process of using the smart watch, please contact our customer service, we will do our best to help you.

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