Smartwatch Power as Reliable as Mom's Love

Mother's Day collection

Discover "Heart to Heart", our collection dedicated to encounters and wonderful adventures!
May 12th | Mother's Day Deals
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    This is a gift for myself as well as for my mother with sincere good wishes


A heart-warming gift


Family blessing


Love is in the Air

It took a while to decide which watch to purchase but this one won out. The frameless design appeals to me. The watch itself works really well. I'm now looking forward to future improvements in a couple of years. Good job Bearscome.😆
🤩I went to the original website I did not trust Facebook I got the pretty pink one it fits chunky arms the mode for blood sugar and blood pressure are spot on to the machines I have at home I really like this I hope it lasts🥰
I now have three Bearscome watch’s. The VEE Pro is most accurate on blood sugar and blood pressure display.  Comfortable and stylish! Thank you Bearscome! As side note, thank you Bearscome Customer Service, situation where Watch was lost and tracked down by customer service. 🌷🌸🍁
So far, so good! Manual leaves a lot to be desired but I have had a similar watch and have figured out most features. That watch quit on me after three months. I hope this one is better. My partner loved them! Can't wait to order again for the next special occasion.🤭

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